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12 inches of 20 gauge soft round wire
1 - 6mm round bead
2 - 3mm silver beads
flush cutters
chain nose pliers
ring mandrel

dowel (26mm or 5/8" for size 6 to 6 ½)
Step 1 - center beads on the 12" of wire
Step 2 - wrap wires around on both sides
Step 3 -  keep the wires from crossing and bring up to where the beads are.
Step 4 - now bring the wires down on each corresponding side next to the beads.
Step 5 - wrap the wire around the base of the 3mm silver bead ; ending up to lay along each side of all 3 beads.
Step 6 - Repeat step 5 for the other side to end up like this.
Step 7 - Wrap wires one more time around the base of all beads on each side.
Step 8 - Wrap wire around shank wires 2 times
Step 9 - Trim wire
Step 10 - Tuck wire under the base wires and lock (you may also just trim and lock under your shank wires, however my method assures total smoothness)
Step 11 - Place on ring mandrel and go to required size (it will meausure 1 size smaller than usual)  

You should tumble if possible...and then polish. You are done!
Handmade jewelry necklace